'The Awake' is a NY Times Critics' Pic!!!

 I love this play and I'm so happy the critical and audience response has been through the roof.  Written by Ken Urban and directed by Adam Fitzgerald, the cast includes Maulik Pancholy, Lori Prince, Dee Nelson, Jeff Biehl, Jocelyn, Kuritsky, Miranda Jackel and myself.

"The production captures exquisitely the shifting logic of dreams where people appear and melt away and metamorphose, and where minds connive to translate contemporary anxieties into primal fears of fire, flood and bloodthirsty beats." - NY Times
"Andy Phelan's Malcolm is one of the most striking performances I've seen this year; the tiniest shift in emotion registers on his face in seismic fashion, revealing sorrows that he can barely name." -Light & Sound America

The run is almost sold out.  Cancelation tickets are sometimes available.

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